Digital Strategy


July 21, 2020

Reach: 5,000,000

                                                Allyship is Loud 

Allyship is not quiet. It does not bystand. It is loud. It is active.

Most people know someone who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, yet 99% of people who are not a direct members of the LGBTQ+ are unwilling to actively display their support through Allyship. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander. there is no such thing as a silent ally. If you are silent while LGBTQ+ folks continue to face discrimination then you are part of the problem. Through the Allyship is Loud campaign we encourged many allies and LGBTQ+ activists to dispay their allyship and raise awareness about how to be a better ally. We encouraged all people ot take a picture with a sign that read, “If you are silent while LGBTQ+ folks are build, you are part of the problem too,” and then included educational slides. Overall, the campaign allowed us to normalize allyship for all. 


We Are Here

January 24, 2020

Reach: 50,000,000

We Are Here Campaign

What would you do if you were told your sibling could be fired from their job for simply being their authentic self. That is a question no one wishes they would have to face. Yet, on October 8 2019, the Supreme Court heard three cases related to sex discrimination in the workplace. To help protect my sister and other LGBTQ+ individuals, I helped launch the “We Are Here” campaign to remind those in power that LGBTQ+ people are deserving of love, acceptance, and legal protections. My role on the team was to create the digital strategy for the campaign and edit all influencer videos.  

Step 1:The first step of the campaign involved creating speculation about our campaign by posting a graphic with limited information. The posting led the American public to speculate, why are many of the influential LGBTQIA+ influencers posting a graphic with the #WeAreHere?

Step 2: LGBTQIA+ influencers each posted the main video that explained the implications of the cases. The video included the crucial message about the court cases, combined with a personal video of each influencer saying, “We Are Here.”

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